money and Investing analysts, commentators, educators and others

How do you find and compare money and investing 'experts'?

You’ll find lots of people in the finance and investment industries specialising in educating, researching and analysing finance, economic and investing data. They work in a variety of broad, or specific, industries and markets.
Often they’re in the media. They could be:

  • economists
  • financial planners
  • journalists, and
  • others (with some other type of financial qualification)

You’ll come across a lot of them throughout BiG in  Guru Cops, WealthBusiness, Property, Shares and the Directory 
which lists investing Apps, Blogs, Podcasts and other Resources. 

But go to the Analysts and Commentators Page below to go to BiG’s comprehensive table of analyst and commentators, what they do and how:

spending your money

What area of life, money and investing will you explore?

BiG educates visitors about individuals and organisations in the finance and investing industries who can provide personal financial advice. Our information and comments are general in nature and opinion only, and do not take into account your personal financial circumstances. Any claims or comments made by third parties referenced on BiG are theirs alone and not endorsed, adopted or otherwise approved by Andrea or BiG.

Get your own independent financial advice tailored to your specific needs before taking any financial or investing action.

Conduct your own independent research on ‘gurus’ or other experts. Any hyperlinks to or quotes from any third parties are provided for reference only, their comments or opinions aren’t endorsed, adopted, or otherwise approved by BiG.

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