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Business investing gurus

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This section’s for you if you’re thinking about starting or investing in a business and are looking for expert help.
If you want a broader overview of aspects of a business, go first to Strategies and Topics or Analysts and Commentators

In general, the gurus listed below give information and advice on business investing (not financial planners, see how to choose them and industry rating and review sites in the BiG Directory). They mostly use their favourite method or strategy and don’t compare other investing choices like Analysts and Commentators might.

Business Investing ‘Guru Cops’

These specific watchdogs are people or organisation who can protect you, save you time, and protect your money, and you, from yourself! They provide useful investing guidelines on how to start, what to look out for (scams alerts), articles and other help.
In Guru Cops there are many more of these watchdogs who regulate others in money and finance and industries broadly.

Using business lists for finding people 'successful' in business, management and leadership

If you Google the ‘top 50 people in business, management and leadership’ you’ll get lists such as:

In The Strange Nature of Lists, Chris Brogan (on the list) warns ‘try never to be swayed by lists of this nature… I’m still working hard and won’t stop until I’m on the list I most want to occupy: ‘People Who Equipped Me For Success’, and only you can write that list’.

Here are Steve Jobs’ insights on success form 3 perspectives, ‘Trust; Love and Loss; and Death’, Stanford Commencement Speech 2005.

Checking out Business people | MoneySmart (ASIC) and The Checkout

Money Smart (Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

The Checkout (ABC TV consumer affairs satirical show) has a list of resources for consumer complaints/organisations. If you have a bad consumer experience, you could always email your gripe or post a video there on F.U.Tube where you can post your own videos and complain about products!

Scamwatch (ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Comission)

Scamwatch (ACCC) warns consumers about current scam activity, identifies scams and is a place where you can report scams.
Scams like:

  • Optus data breaches
  • Flubots
  • Covid-19 scams
  • Medibank Private data breaches
  • Identity theft
  • Buying and Selling
  • Fake charities
  • Investment scams
  • Jobs and employment scams
  • Threats and extortion
  • Unexpected prize and lottery scams
  • Mobile premium services
  • Online shopping scams
Australian Skeptics
Australian Skeptics “is a loose confederation of groups across Australia that investigate paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims from a responsible scientific viewpoint. Most people are familiar with the more popular subjects that we investigate such as astrology, fortune telling, UFOs and crop circles; But did you know that we also investigate topics like fundamentalism, Feng Shui, subluxations and vitamin supplements? … Test your sceptical knowledge and see how many of the topics on our list are familiar to you.”

Business Investing Gurus …

The individuals and companies in the table below claim they’re experts in business or building businesses. Under BiG’s Traffic Light™ rating system, they’re given a red, yellow or green rating.If I get any positive or negative information about them (send yours), they may be re-rated to a different colour.

Note:  The ‘about’ column says “They/He/She claims” quoting their marketing blurb, because I’d hate to misrepresent or misquote their claims and unless I’ve explicitly done so, I don’t endorse them. 
Click on Read more… for active links to articles or people who support “Pros” or dispute their claims “Cons”.

If you’re looking for ancillary services how to choose them and industry review sites for finance and financial products (such as accountants or financial planners) go to the BiG Directory.

Jody Allen
Company: Stay at Home Mum
Strategies: Budgeting, Home business, Investing tips, Lifestyle, Money and Relationships, Money management, Money saving tips, Women and Business
She claims: “Back in 2011, I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave with my first baby, and pregnant with my second. I panicked at the thought of living on just one income. To keep our home, my husband and I crunched the numbers and we found we had a mere $50 a week to spend on groceries. It was the … Read more »
Ben Angel
Strategies: Lifestyle, Marketing, Online marketing education, Personal branding
He claims: ‘I HELP YOU GET NEW CUSTOMERS, SO YOU CAN SHAPE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN… Discover the MOST advanced marketing strategies known to date. Presented by bestselling author and marketing authority Ben Angel. Through his groundbreaking online marketing courses & books, you’ll discover easy to understand and even easier to apply strategies for growing your business FAST! …  … Read more »
Basic Bananas
Company: Basic Bananas
Strategies: Marketing, Sales
Podcast – Pick of the Bunch They claim: “If you are a business owner who is… Looking for cutting-edge, clever and effective ways to grow your business.. Keen to do things a bit differently A little bit nuts and extremely bananas… … then you are in the right place! At Basic Bananas our mission is to advance small business owners to … Read more »
Dale Beaumont
Company: Business Blueprint
Strategies: Business Coach, Business investing, Education, Marketing
They claim: “Our mission is to continue to be Australia’s #1 Business Education Program. We do this by consistently offering our members more value than anyone else and ensuring our members have access to Australia’s largest library of systems, templates, and step-by-step training videos. The result – our members implement fast and get everything they need to succeed all in … Read more »
Dr Greg Chapman
Company: Empower Business Solutions
Strategies: Business Coach, Marketing, Small Business
They claim: ‘was created by Dr Greg Chapman in 2004 after returning from the US and UK where he lived and worked for eight years. He wanted an opportunity to pass on the international best practice business management expertise he had acquired throughout his 25 year career, to businesses who would otherwise have had no access to experience at this level. … Read more »
Mark Creedon
Company: Business Accelerator Mastermind
Strategies: Business Coach, Personal Development
Mark Creedon claims: “… for the past 15 years, I’ve been helping business owners reach seven figures plus find an extra day a week to concentrate on growing their businesses. My overall mission though goes beyond helping you sell more stuff or even make more money. I want to help motivated, hard-working business owners have the business and life of … Read more »
Suzi Daphnis
Company: Her Business
Strategies: Business investing, Marketing, Networking, Personal Development, Women, Women and Business
(previously The Australian Businesswomen’s Network) She claims: “Ever since I started my first business in the spare room of my apartment in 1994, I’ve been a big believer in the power of business to create freedom and to be a way to express our passion and make a difference and change the world. And for the past 20 years, that’s what … Read more »
Jack Delosa
Company: The Entourage Group
Strategies: Business Coach, Education, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship Course, Online course, Online education
Cons: The Entourage Scaleable “a complete con” and see Whirlpool. They claim: ‘Founded by entrepreneur, Jack Delosa in 2010, The Entourage was born out of a dissatisfaction with the education available to help entrepreneurs start and scale successful businesses. Today we are Australia’s largest and most effective educator of business owners, with a community of over 300,000. Our members’ personal and commercial outcomes … Read more »
Marc Dussault
Strategies: Business Coach, Business investing, Entrepreneur, Mentoring, Personal Development
He claims: “I’ve worked with literally hundreds of businesses across every imaginable industry and I can tell you it’s easy to take a good business and make it great. What it takes is a shift in your mindset, you must believe it’s possible AND that you can do it. Once that is done, I can show you step-by-step how to increase … Read more »
John Dwyer
Company: The Institute of Wow
Strategies: Business Coach, Marketing, Mentoring
They claim: “is renowned as one of Australia’s foremost business marketeers whose goal is to blow the lid off conventional marketing thinking. He is the founder and owner of The Institute of Wow, a marketing consultancy business which develops sales-stimulating ideas for businesses both small and large. John believes that all marketing should have a ‘wow factor’ and many of … Read more »
Mal Emery
Company: Millionaire Maker
Strategies: Blog, Business Coach, Business investing, Entrepreneur, Marketing
Numerous free ebook downloads. He claims: ‘As a Perth based entrepreneur, Mal Emery have won national recognition with his ‘Street Smart’ money making strategies, helping people in hundreds of different categories and industries to turn their businesses into money making machines. In Australia Mal Emery has been dubbed the “Million Maker” and the “Napoleon Hill” of the 21st Century for his … Read more »
Kate Engler
Company: Meet the Press Masterclass
Strategies: Marketing, Public relations, Publicity
She claims: “referred to by one of the senior journalists at BRW as the PR Anti-Christ because she has revolutionised the way publicity is harnessed by businesses, giving them access to thousands of dollars of free media exposure without using the traditional PR agency model. For many years Kate was a corporate high-flyer. She had a hugely successful career as … Read more »
European Women in Business (EWIB)
Company: European Women in Business
Strategies: Business investing, Entrepreneurs, Networking, Women
They claim: ‘initiated by Janine Lum began as a collaborative effort between the European Chambers in Melbourne 2010 with an explicate women’s focus on business and personal development. This forum has now developed into monthly events and provides opportunities for women in business or those that just want to interact on a social basis. Our support for personal and professional development … Read more »
Flying Solo
Company: Flying Solo
Strategies: Micro Business Community, Networking, Small Business, Small business forums
They claim: ‘Since 2005, Flying Solo has been at the forefront of the soloism movement in Australia, and today has a community of over 100,000 with many more joining across our social networks. Now part of Pinstripe Media – with mastheads including Kochie’s Business Builders, Startup Daily, Small Business First and The Airport Economist – Flying Solo exists to support those … Read more »
Robert Gerrish
Strategies: Business Coach, Business investing
He claims: ‘If you’re thinking about starting a business or rejuvenating one you’re in, I’m here to assist. I’ve specialised in this area for nearly three decades, latterly as the founder of Flying Solo, an online community I sold in 2017. Today I’ve returned to where it all began, helping individuals transfer their skills into rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable enterprises … Learning … Read more »
Adam Ginsberg
Company: Numerous
Strategies: Marketing, Online marketing, internet marketing
Cons: Adam Ginsberg International Yelp; Complaints Board He claims: ‘[the] Self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur Adam Ginsberg is the world’s #1 Go-To-Guy for making big money online and on eBay.’ Read more »
Seth Godin
Strategies: Blog, Branding, Change, Entrepreneur, Leadership, Marketing
He claims: “Seth Godin is an Author, Entrepreneur and Most of All, A teacher Seth is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. In addition to launching one of the most popular blogs in the world, he has written 18 best-selling books, including The Dip, Linchpin, Purple Cow, Tribes, and What To Do When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your … Read more »
Susan Gunelius (USA)
Company: KeySplash Creative Inc
Strategies: Blogging, Branding, Copywriting, Marketing, Online business
They claim: “KeySplash Creative, Inc. … is a marketing communications company providing content, copy, and all forms of messaging for strategic brand development as well as coaching and consulting services. When you work with KeySplash Creative, your messaging and communications will be based on strategic brand development that leads to long-term, sustainable growth for your business. The key to make a … Read more »
Women on Business (USA)
Company: Women on Business
Strategies: Business, Marketing, Networking, Women
They claim: ‘Established in 2007, Women on Business, is an award-winning online destination for the news and information women need to be successful in the business world from today’s thought leaders. Business women can be a powerful network online. The goal of Women on Business is to see that power grow and to broaden the online discussion between today’s male and … Read more »
Simon Hampel
Company: BusinessChat
Strategies: Business forum
Australian Business and Startup Forums Read more »
Darren Herft
Company: Guverra Amma
Strategies: Business investing, Equity financing
Cons: Guvera CFO was concerned when he joined the business, but trusted its CEO to raise more finance; Top 5 Reasons Why Promising Startups Fail; Former Guvera CEO Darren Herft reveals plans to launch Dragonfly Music as he is grilled in court over company’s collapse; Guvera’s CFO in the dark on fundraising, creditors, court told; Guvera facing possible class action by Bannister Law to reclaim … Read more »
Joshua Smith
Company: Work with Joshua
He says “I’m a 32-year-old an Australian dude who makes 100% of his income on the internet. I started this blog in 2011, and I like to share resources that I’ve used throughout my journey. So if you desire to create an online business of your own but you are unsure of where to start, this page is for you.” Read more »
Ronnie Kagan
Strategies: Business Coach, Business investing
He claims: “Internationally recognized as a highly successful businessman, Ronnie Kagan is globally recognized as THE BUSINESS GURU. During his 30 years of business he has gained a broad foundation upon which his huge success is based; from Co-Founder and World Wide Vice President of a Gold Company employing over 5,000 people, to part ownership in an International Franchise organization … Read more »
John C Maxwell (USA)
Strategies: Leadership, Personal Development
They claim: You want to live a life that matters. You’re ready to go the journey, but every new adventure needs a trustworthy guide. Everybody needs a friend to go with them and a mentor to show the way. Let’s go the journey together.The John Maxwell Company compels corporate leaders and consumers to inspire, challenge, and equip organizations to live out … Read more »
Brett McFall
Company: Coachification
Strategies: Business Coach, Copywriting, Marketing
Updated April 2023 Cons: Brett Mcfall Courses Are Bullshits, Worthless and Totally a Waste of Time!, Pissed Consumer; Is Brett McFall the Real Deal, Warrior Forum. Pros:  Brett MCFall Australia Review, Persuasian Pursuit. McFall claims: “Over the past 21 years, he has written over 10,000 adverts, sales letters and websites for 153 different industries. Brett has many simple internet businesses that run … Read more »
Dave Rogers
Strategies: Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Leadership, NLP, Personal Development, Speaker
He claims: ‘is a bestselling author, certified coach, and business consultant whose philanthropic techniques have seen him become a leading voice in the fields of conscious entrepreneurship, heart centric leadership, and personal development. The breath of education services has led to engagements in in Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, the USA, and India, as well as leading leadership workshops and professional development … Read more »
Darren Rowse
Company: ProBlogger
Strategies: Blogging, Online business
He claims: “ [is] – a Blog that helps bloggers to add income streams to their blogs. D Rowse 162My name is Darren Rowse and I’m a full time Blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs like Digital Photography School. I’m also an author and speaker… but more of that shortly. From Hobby to Profession … Read more »
Gideon Shalwick (USA)
Strategies: Blogging, Marketing, Online business, Online marketing
He claims: ‘I’m a bit of a serial entrepreneur and have been creating businesses in the online video space since 2006. Currently, my main focus in on Veeroll, a SAAS business that automates the production of video ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But I am also busy writing my next book – a new philosophy for starting powerful global … Read more »
Joshua Smith
Company: Work with Joshua
Strategies: Blogging, Business Coach, Education, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Mentoring, Online business, Website development
He says: “I Help Everyday People Start and Scale Profitable Content Websites in 2023… I’m Joshua from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. My blog can help you build a thriving online business in 2022 [now 2023] But…a big but… I want you to be realistic about the journey. That’s my main goal with this blog which I started way back … Read more »
Yaro Starak
Company: Entrepreneurs Journey
Strategies: Blogging, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Online business, Online marketing
He claims: ‘I’m the founder and writer of This blog is for my fellow entrepreneurs, especially if you are interested in following the online business model I have leveraged to make over a million dollars … That business model is: Start A Blog Grow An Email Newsletter Sell Your Own Digital Products In previous years as an entrepreneur I have … Read more »
Brad Sugars (USA – formerly Australia)
Company: ActionCoach
Strategies: Business Coach, Business investing, Entrepreneur, Franchising
Cons: Brad Sugars company to be wound up owing $1 million to creditors, 2015, Courier Mail;  The Return of Brad Sugars SMH; “Brad Sugars – ActionCoach – Action International – Las Vegas Nevada”, RipoffReport Sugars claims: ‘Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t about “hustle and grind.” If you work harder than everyone and have no idea what you’re doing, you still won’t … Read more »
Bret Thomson
Strategies: Copywriting, Marketing, Online, Speaker
He claims: ‘is one of Australia’s highest paid in-demand copywriter/marketing & conversion strategists, best selling author, speaker, coach and mentor to thousands. Bret has been the secret weapon behind some of the largest (and most profitable) direct response marketing campaigns in Australia. His wickedly effective ability to nail the BIG IDEA is admired and respected by even the most seasoned … Read more »
Pete Williams
Company: Preneur Group
Strategies: Entrepreneur, Marketing
He claims: ‘is an entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Melbourne, Australia. FORBES recently said Pete Williams is “One entrepreneur today that every marketer should be modeling”, whilst INC describes him as “a savvy marketing strategist”. …and before being honored “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over the continent, Pete was just 21 years old when he sold Australia’s version … Read more »
Judeth Wilson
Company: Upfront Communications
Strategies: Business Coach, Communications, Speaker, Training
She claims: ‘The World’s Most Highly Sought After Business Growth Mentor For Trainers. Judeth brings her interactive, high energy dynamic training style into everything she does. She is the founder and lead trainer at Upfront Communications a corporate training company providing a range of soft skills training. Upfront Communications has the largest network of trainers across Australia. Judeth also runs … Read more »
Company: Woman
Strategies: Entrepreneur, Marketing, Networking, Women
 They claim: ‘features inspiring people, stories, ideas, jobs and events that inspire women to chase their dreams in business, career and in life. We’re all about getting women meeting, moving and making things happen. What you’ll find: Stories of a new breed of inspiring women making their own paths A curated calendar of events covering business, social, sports & recreation, … Read more »

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