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BiG Tips: Here are some comparison sites for financial products, data, lenders, mortgages, credit cards and other information and advice. As always, be careful relying on testimonials, or comparison sites.

Money BuddyThey claim: “Based in Sydney, Money Buddy is an independent team of people interested in presenting personal finance information in a useful, easily-digested format. [It] covers home loans, credit cards, car loans, personal loans, bank accounts, tax, accounting, financial planning and calculators [and] features a local business directory for finding local business experts near you … we don’t endorse particular products or provide personal advice … We source our product data directly from institutions/providers and we keep this data as current as possible … [with our] search tool you can: Locate loan brokers or financial advisors in your area. Contact specific local businesses or allow us to match you with the best match. Search for local businesses specialising in home loans, car loans, personal loans, tax, accounting and financial planning.”

Compare Australian Credit Cards They claim: “Compare 250+ credit cards from 79 banks and brands. From low rate and no annual fee cards to 0% balance transfer and bonus points. Get the best offer for your needs and apply online.”

Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia  (MFAA) They claim: “The peak national body representing over 13,000 professional finance brokers.”

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