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Here are some FAQs visitors ask
How do I use this website?

Geting around Best investment Gurus (BiG) especially the top Navigation Bar and the Icons is easy peezy:
SPENDING YOUR MONEY explains how I rate ‘gurus’ and the many government and non government Guru Cops, meant to protect you and who keep their beady eyes on finance and investing peeps (with varying degrees of success).
The 5 investing areas each have their own drop down menus “Gurus” and “Topics and Strategies”:

Analysts and Commentators (aren’t ‘rated’) helps you find experts with a broader, often more objective overview of investing options. They’re generally well known, often educators, economists or other specialists in various industries.
The BiG Directory has lists, directories and comparison sites for useful products or services and how to find and choose them (eg professionals, such as financial planners, real estate agents, business advisers and  other service providers ). It’s also got some helpful resources for you – publications, social media groups, podcasts, forums. It’s got a few providers in it that I or others have used, They have given good service or have fab products and to date there’s no reason not to promote them. Later they could become paid advertisers. Bad feedback on any of them and they may be removed. We’d love to get your recommendations and comments. I’ll add to the Directory as I find good people and stuff.

In my Blog I hope you find some interesting bits and pieces in areas interesting to you.

If I claim my Life Planner, will I be subscribed to future email contact?

You can uncheck the box to get my emails with my latest information and research – but why would you?! Your inbox won’t be bombarded with finance and investing information and definitely NO third party advertising. But you will be kept all the wiser about what’s happening in the investment world.
But don’t worry, if you decide you don’t want to be kept informed, it’s easy peezy to unsubscribe at any time.
I’ll be a tad sad, but wish you all the very best for the future.

Do you personally give financial or investment advice?

Hell NO! I’m not a financial planner or investment advisor. All my ideas and comments are purely my own and of a general nature. My aim is to help you find useful information, tools and resources, and find expert advisors (‘gurus’ if you want) and related service providers to help you on your own investing adventure.

What is the Traffic Light™ system?

Wanting a way to get better search results (free of biased “Reviews”, Google algorithims and paid ads (aka “sponsorsed’ search results)), I created the Traffic Light™  system. Using it, I rate players in the investment industry selling products or services. Many of them making big, unsubstantiated claims and often not formally qualified or registered as ‘financial planners’ or ‘advisors’. I’ve checked as best I can, if there’s substance to their claims and if they really achieve the results alleged. Or perhaps they’re dabbling in a bit of snake oil selling?

Can I comment freely on blog posts or share pages?

Go for it! But I do moderate Comments at my discretion. You’re more than welcome to share information and your experiences to help others. Please note, I’ll remove any phishing, scams, abusive or defamatory material.

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