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Financial advisers, consultants and accountants – finding good ones

BiG Tips: Finding the best experts to get your money sorted, like financial advisers or accountants, means looking at their independence, fees and commission. Be sure that you’re getting independent advice and that their fees are reasonable, based on the returns they claim they can achieve. Cheapest doesn’t mean the best. Commissions they receive should become more transparent and more closely regulated after the Financial Services Royal Commission recommendations.

Comparison sites and testimonials can help, but beware of them.

These articles and sites will help you choose and compare financial advisers:

Financial advice costs and Financial advice and you MoneySmart (ASIC)

InvestSmart including Eureka Report and Business Spectator is a paid service and free “Insights” with highly respected Alan Kohler (the finance bloke on the ABC with the charts and the fab sense of humour!)  and others. Grab a free 14 day trial of their broader services to see if they suit you.

Understanding the difference between wholesale and retail clients under FOFA, MoneyManagement

Adviser Ratings (AR) “Australia’s first transparent and independent service to help you find, rate and review qualified financial advisers.”

Beddoes Institute – Most trusted advisers (App)

Best 10 Financial Planners The Best Financial Planners in Australia,

Canstar What is a Financial Planner & what to expect 7 Step Checklist

Choice Your guide to finding the best finanacial plannerFixing financial advice campaign, watch Lyndi’s story YouTube

MoneySmart (ASIC) Choosing a financial adviser (Especially its list of companies not licensed to give financial advice)

CPAAustralia (CPA) “Find a CPA (certified practising accountant) or financial planner”

Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA) – Find a financial planner

Top10 financial planners

Boutique Financial Planners – Member List


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