Invest in YOU gurus
Time to invest in you? Something not working in your life? Time for some changes?

Personal investment, self help and other gurus

These coaches, mentors and others specialise in advising on changing you or your life. 


BiG’s Wealth, Business, Property and Shares focus on money and financial investing. But before you even start on any strategies there, it will help a lot if you invest in YOU. Find out what drives, motivates and inspires you. Maybe it isn’t more money you need, but just lifestyle changes. Finding your own meaning and gurus is such a personal, subjective thing, so I’ve only included and loosely rated a few of these gurus.

You’ll find many forums, blogs and podcasts on health and well being in hubs like FlyingSolo’sBeWell – which shares experts and ideas on work and business stresses, hacks and tips.

Investing in You Strategies and Topics has also got some great thinkers, ideas and tools I’ve come across. They could help you on your way to better life balance, more meaning, happiness and success

Are there things you want to do? Changes you’d like to make, but are putting off?
Maybe now’s the time. Covid 19 has changed life as we know it, maybe you’ve experienced a loss, illness, death, divorce or other life changing event?

I’ve held the hands of too many devastated, sick or dying patients, family and friends – many regretting what they hadn’t done, not what they had done. Don’t leave it until it’s too late and risk missing out on experiences and your best life. Why not get started ticking off your bucket list – today?

Self development, coaching and mentoring are so, personal, subjective and often follow from recommendations from friends or peers. Some of the gurus and ideas below might appeal to you. 
So check some of them out, grab your BiG Life Planner too – and get onto it.

I try to ensure the stories, ideas and sites shared here are credible, but unfortunately sneaky opportunists make false claims and fabricate. Often government and non government watchdogs ‘Guru Cops’ can’t keep up with them.
Start here researching and fact checking claims (more too in Investing in You Strategies and Topics), including the many in the Health, wellness and medical industry​:

  • Snopes Says they’re: ‘the definitive internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumours and misinformation’
  • The Top 10 worst anti-science websites from Skeptoid, a critical analysis of pop phenomena

I’d love to hear your stories or experiences with any of these ‘gurus’.
So feel free to contact me through the chat box or by email.

Personal Investment, Self Help Gurus…

The individuals and companies you come across and see in the table below claim they’re gurus in self development, coaching and mentoring.
Their qualifications and experience often vary greatly. BiG’s Traffic Light™ rating system rates them red, yellow or green. Unlike the other four investing areas, Investing in You is much more individual and subjective to your own likes and dislikes, so the rating’s just a rough guide.
There are links to articles and to anyone with contrary ideas “Cons”, or others who support are agree with them “Pros” – people, forums, articles (any I can find). If I get any positive or negative information about them (send yours), I may change their rating.

We encourage visitors to BiG to conduct their own independent research on gurus and other investing experts. Any hyperlinks to or quotes from third parties are provided for reference only, and their comments or opinions are not endorsed, adopted, or otherwise approved by BiG. If you disagree with or dispute any of the content or materials referenced by BiG, we invite you to contact us to share your concerns.

Note: The ‘about’ column says “They/He/She claims” quoting their marketing blurb, because I’d hate to misrepresent or misquote their claims, and unless I’ve explicitly done so, I don’t endorse them.
Click on read more… in the table to open links to articles, Pros and Cons.

spending your money

What area of life, money and investing will you explore?

BiG educates visitors about individuals and organisations in the finance and investing industries who can provide personal financial advice. Our information and comments are general in nature and opinion only, and do not take into account your personal financial circumstances. Any claims or comments made by third parties referenced on BiG are theirs alone and not endorsed, adopted or otherwise approved by Andrea or BiG.

Get your own independent financial advice tailored to your specific needs before taking any financial or investing action.

Conduct your own independent research on ‘gurus’ or other experts. Any hyperlinks to or quotes from any third parties are provided for reference only, their comments or opinions aren’t endorsed, adopted, or otherwise approved by BiG.

If you disagree with or dispute any of the content or materials referenced by BiG, contact us to share your concerns. We welcome feedback.

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