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Investing in You – Strategies and Topics

You might already have a business or life coach, motivator or mentor, or follow some of the ‘Gurus’ listed and reviewed in Wealth, Business, Property, Shares and Investing in You. Are you getting the results you want from them? If so, great. If not, or you don’t get expert help, check out the guru lists for ideas and experts you might like in those fields, or who to avoid.

Of course experts can help guide and motivate you, but the life you build for yourself is up to you, your choices and a bit of luck (maybe a lot, listen to Tim Minchin musing, or here’s the transcript of his 9 Life Lessons, UWA speech).

You decide what ‘Success’ is. Is it possessions, status, money, business and investments? But usually most people just want to be happy and fulfilled. (Tim’s got ideas on this too). Often happiness means having the freedom, energy, time and money to invest in the people and things important to you. How much is enough, is up to you.

Don’t forget to invest in YOU – so you know who, and what, makes you happy and fulfilled. Lifestyle gurus can help by inspiring, motivating, planning and goal setting. But by knowing yourself, your biases, and motivators you’ll have a better chance of building the lifestyle you’re dreaming about.

Being self aware also gives you a better start at building financial freedom, independence and reaching your financial goals. If you go to a financial expert or planner for advice on investment planning and strategies, they’ll ask about your personal and life goals. 

Check out all the FREE resources and online tools I’ve found on financial planning, strategies and goal setting throughout BiG, but especially in Wealth Topics and Strategies.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get the most from your precious time, effort and money.

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