Property investing gurus

Looking for people to help you with property investing and some common strategies?
These guys can educate, advise, coach or mentor you on
how to invest in property

Here’s the place for learning about making money investing in property (real estate). In general, the gurus listed specialise in informing, educating and advising on property investing. They mostly use their favourite method or strategy and often don’t objectively compare other investing choices, like Analysts and Commentators might.

But how do you decide where’s the best location to buy a property? Experts use different data analysis, growth forecasting, supply and demand, ‘hotspots’ etc. To help you decide, check out the different approaches and ideas in  “Location, Location, Location| “Hot Spots” – Property Buying and Investing Analysis, Research and Tools| Groups and Forums” in BiG’s Property Investing Strategies and Topics.

In the guru lists, any pros and cons and alternative views BiG’s found from others, is shown. 

Note: I don’t cover financial planners in this section. If you want tips on how to choose them, go to the BiG Directory. If you’re looking for ancillary services, such as finance or financial products, and review sites of how to find them (accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners, conveyancers, lawyers, property and strata managers, quantity surveyors, and real estate agents (who BiG’s community has used or who have paid for advertising on BiG)), again, feel free to visit the  BiG Directory.

Property Investing Guru Cops Helpful Tips

BiG’s ‘Guru Cops’ are people and organisations who protect you from making huge mistakes, losing your hard earned cash and can save your precious time. They’re government and non government watchdogs.They give you (usually free) useful investing resources, tips, tricks, blogs, podcasts and more on how to start investing in property and what to look out for, including scams alerts.

Visit the ones below who specialise in businesses in the property investing or real estate industries. Especially if you want reviews, ratings, reporting or to complain about a property investing person or company.

Check out other Guru Cops who are watchdogs in other industries, money, finance, health, medical and many more.


Property Investing Gurus …

The individuals and companies in the table below claim they’re experts in investing in property. Under BiG’s Traffic Light™ rating system, they’re given a red, yellow or green rating.

We encourage visitors to BiG to conduct their own independent research on gurus and other investing experts. Any hyperlinks to or quotes from third parties are provided for reference only, and their comments or opinions are not endorsed, adopted, or otherwise approved by BiG. If you disagree with or dispute any of the content or materials referenced by BiG, we invite you to contact us to share your concerns.

Note:  The ‘about’ column says “They/He/She claims” quoting their marketing blurb, because I’d hate to misrepresent or misquote their claims and unless I’ve explicitly done so, I don’t endorse them.

If I get any positive or negative information about them (send yours), they may be re-rated to a different colour.

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Get your own independent financial advice tailored to your specific needs before taking any financial or investing action.

Conduct your own independent research on ‘gurus’ or other experts. Any hyperlinks to or quotes from any third parties are provided for reference only, their comments or opinions aren’t endorsed, adopted, or otherwise approved by BiG.

If you disagree with or dispute any of the content or materials referenced by BiG, contact us to share your concerns. We welcome feedback.

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