Property investing strategies, topics and specialties

Things you should know before investing in property

This section’s got resources and strategies you’ll come across in property investing. It’s up to you to choose which strategy suits you, they all have their pros and cons. The hundreds of people in Property Gurus use or recommend various strategies. The gurus are rated yellow, green or red depending on pros and cons I’ve found and if they use riskier or more questionable strategies.

Here’s the Queensland government’s useful Guide explained in Guide To Relieve Real Estate “Stress & Heartache”
In a 2010 article Wealth Magazine (no longer available) “Scam Alert”, highly regarded property investment adviser, Margaret Lomas, warned about unsubstantiated claims concerning:

  • Wraps
  • Renovating
  • Buying overseas
  • Investment Clubs
  • Contracts with a ‘rebate’More than one company
  • Cash flow mortgages

These forums and sites might help you understand the industry and choose your strategy:

  • InvestChat (now part of PropertyChat) is a forum where you can chat with and ask questions of investors and expert members.
  • PropertyChat (replacing Somersoft Property Investors Forums) where you can ask investing questions and investors share their experiences, tips and resources.
  • Investopedia (USA) – definitions etc

Property Investing Strategies, Topics and Specialties

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