Wealth creation

How do you build your wealth, make more money for a better life?

Wealth creation is simply about getting more money or other assets, or having what you already have working better for you. It could involve property, shares, commodities or the like, buying or building a business and more.
You can do it directly or indirectly, yourself, with others, use advisers or mentors, through superannuation or other structures.
The industry grew from the banking and finance sector, creating lucrative investment products and services that they package up and sell. For some background to listen to – The cult of investment: the fabulous growth of the wealth management industry ABC Rear Vision.

You’ll find loads of information, topics and strategies and the ‘experts’ who follow and use them.
To make it easier for you, BiG divides the Wealth industry into 2 parts Strategies and Topics and Gurus. (The same with the other 4 investing areas Business, Property, Shares and You).
Check them out and find out what interests you, who could help you, or who or what to avoid.

Wealth creation strategies usually include superannuation, managed funds, business, property, share, currency and commodities investing. Sometimes these wealth experts and gurus are in other BiG areas too – Business, Property and Shares and Analysts and Commentators.

Check out the Wealth Gurus to decide if any of them, or their specialties, appeal to you.

NOTE: Most of the gurus claim to be experts in wealth creation, but often aren’t licensed financial planners.
If you want help and tips finding qualified financial planners go to the relevant sites and articles BiG Directory, the finance industry Guru Cops below and general Guru Cops.

spending your money

What area of life, money and investing will you explore?

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