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Find some how, what and why of money and investing and some good, bad and ugly 'experts' BiG rates

Getting the most from your money and investing can be overwhelming and a little scary.
To help you avoid catastrophic mistakes, opportunists and scammers, BiG shows you:


You know how there’s so much money and investing information, and  people too eager to take your selling their systems and snake oil? How the hell do you work out who to trust? The ‘Guru Cops‘ BiG’s found are people, companies and organisations (government and non-government) who help by:

  • outing fake news
  • raising awareness, educating, sharing useful resources, such as investing guidelines on avoiding making mistakes, starting a business, investing
  • warnings on things to look out for, such as scam alerts and lodging complaints if you’ve been conned or experienced bad or unprofessional service. Find them in their specialist areas in Wealth, Business, Property and Shares
The BiG Directory

Shows you lots of comparison and review sites and other tips on how you can check out, compare and see what experiences others have had with a guru or expert you’re thinking of spending your money on. Take a look.


Our system rates and lists individuals and companies that offer products or services such as advice, information, coaching, or mentoring in various areas of investing. BiG conducts thorough searches of and references online reviews, forums and hyperlinks related to these individuals and companies.  As best we can, we evaluate their claims, success stories, life experience, qualifications, training, and other relevant factors. If you disagree with or dispute any of the content, materials or comments referenced by BiG, we invite you to contact us to share your concerns.

BiG itself – all its free information and research:

Analysts and Commentators who are experts with a broader, often more objective overview of investing options than ‘gurus’
The BiG Blog

Start your investing on the right foot


My investment guru rating system has been built on years of research and experience 

By sharing the many sources of financial and investing advice, advisors and other service providers I’ve discovered, you’ll be able to get on your investing path much more quickly.

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BiG educates visitors about individuals and organisations in the finance and investing industries who can provide personal financial advice. Our information and comments are general in nature and opinion only, and do not take into account your personal financial circumstances. Any claims or comments made by third parties referenced on BiG are theirs alone and not endorsed, adopted or otherwise approved by Andrea or BiG.

Get your own independent financial advice tailored to your specific needs before taking any financial or investing action.

Conduct your own independent research on ‘gurus’ or other experts. Any hyperlinks to or quotes from any third parties are provided for reference only, their comments or opinions aren’t endorsed, adopted, or otherwise approved by BiG.

If you disagree with or dispute any of the content or materials referenced by BiG, contact us to share your concerns. We welcome feedback.

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